Model 6800 Single Unit Amplitude Controller

6800 Series Single Controller with Sensor Inputs

6800 Series single unit controller


  • UL Listed in US and Canada
  • Maximum Output Adjustment
  • Soft Start Adjustment
  • Hopper/Bowl Interlock
  • 120 Volt AC or 240 Volt input power
  • 15 amp fuse
  • Line Voltage Variation Compensation
  • Accepts PNP and NPN 3-Wire Sensors (12VDC)
  • 4-20mA remote speed control of vibratory base unit
  • Switch Selectable AC/DC Operation


120 Volt Model 6800.1


Model 6800 Single Unit Controller Resources

Good Wiring Practices and Avoiding Electrical Noise
This document covers typical feeding system wiring and how to avoid electrical noise problems.
1/24/2022, 1:33 PM


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