Model 6000 Series Amplitude Controllers for Vibratory Feeders

Models 6000.1 & 6000.2 Controllers

These controllers eliminate the need to purchase controllers for each feeding system component, reduce space requirements and wiring time. ADI has integrated the 8800 Sensi-Tron and the 6000 Feeder controller into one convenient unit.

Models 6005.1 & 6005.2 Controllers

Open frame with remote pot, this internal mount controller allows for remote placement of the potentiometer in applications that demand the controller be positioned away from the control panel.

Models 6006.1 & 6006.2 Controllers

The model 6006 series of amplitude controllers have open frame panel mounts and are used for panel or "through-door" mounting.

Vibratory Controller Settings

The entire series of 6000 Feeder Controllers feature adjustable settings that allow the users to control the voltage output. The features are illustrated below. Refer to the vibratory controller picture to the right for pot locations.

Vibratory Feeder Amplitude ControllerModel 6000 Series Amplitude Controller Features

UL Listed in US and Canada.
Offering you and your company the level of safety that is seen as the standard throughout The United States and Canada

Soft-Start Ramp-Up with Adjustment
This feature enables users to turn the vibratory feeder bowl or inline feeder on gently. A ramped On-Cycle helps reduce parts from falling off of tooling when turned on. It also reduces damage by eliminating the jolt the vibratory base units experience each time the unit is turned on.

Model 6000 Series Amplitude ControllerMinimum/Maximum Output Adjustment
Allows you to limit the minimum and maximum output of the main control potentiometer. By limiting the Full On output, operators cannot turn the feeder up too high or too low. This feature can prevent sheared tooling, spring cracks and damage to the armature and coil caused by "Coil Rap".

Run Interlock Output
The feeder amplitude controller can be turned on and off through several inputs:

  • A 5 - 30Volt DC or 105 - 250 Volt AC interlock signal from a parts sensor or PLC.
  • A level control switch or low current relay contact closure , switching a 5Volt DC 2mA signal.

Model 6000 Series Amplitude Controller50 Hz or 60Hz
The 6000 series controllers will operate on either 50 Hz or 60Hz.

Full-Wave / Half-Wave Output
Choose to operate at either 120 or 60 pulses per second by simply flipping a switch on the board.

A More Linear Output Curve
The microprocessor based controller spreads the power curve across the Main Potentiometer providing a more finite control over the feed rate and reduces "touchy" controls.



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