Vibratory Parts Feeding Hoppers

Hoppers are designed to work with a vibratory feeder bowl to deliver and control the amount of parts being feed to the bowl.  Hoppers effectively store parts, and with the help of a level control device, deliver a specified amount of parts to be fed at one time.  Hoppers prevent vibratory feeder bowls from overload and eliminate the need for a machine operator to manually fill the bowl with parts. ADI hoppers are fabricated with mild carbon steel, but can be made with stainless steel upon request.  ADI offers standard hopper sizes, but we commonly build hoppers to customer specifications. Voltage can be 120volt or 240volt 60 or 50 hz.



Pan Feeder

The model 5500 Series offers a stationary bin with a vibratory pan feeder mounted under the bin's discharge funnel which stores parts and delivers them on-demand. Standard Pan Feeder Hopper is constructed of mild steel and painted

Overhead / Gravity

This hopper operates without the need for a direct source of electrical power and is suited to perform exceptionally well in a variety of vibratory feeding applications.

Elevator Hoppers

In order to offer our customers a total parts handling and orienting system, we supply our customers with the industry's most reliable elevating and conveying hoppers. The general construction of these Elevator Hoppers include a storage bin, a motor driven conveyor, controls, and a mainframe.

Model 8763 Level Control Device

Hoppers, both vibratory and conveyor, can be equipped with an automatic level control switch (Model 8761A) to maintain a predetermined level of parts in the feeder bowl.

Model 8651 Level Control Switch

All hoppers can use an Automatic Level Control Switch (ADI Model 8651) to maintain a predetermined level of parts in the feeder bowl. This product is independent from a storage hopper and is used to remotely operate hoppers, conveyors, and other electrical devices.

NOTE: Elevator and custom conveyor hoppers are custom designed and serve as a complementary product for parts feeding systems. These items are not available as “off-the-shelf" equipment for individual purchase. Please contact us if you would like a quote on a parts feeding system that includes an elevator or custom conveyor hopper.


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