Vibratory Feeder Amplitude Controllers

Parts feeder base units, inline linear feeders, Centrifeed units, hoppers, and orienting rolls  require some means to control their vibration. Without a vibratory feeder amplitude controller, the units would operate at their maximum speed. For most vibratory feeding applications, a variable controller is required to compensate for changes in machine cycle rates. The following vibratory feeder amplitude models offer users the level of flexibility needed for production equipment.

Model 6000 Series Controllers

The 6000 series amplitude controllers are used to vary the amplitude of vibration in vibratory feeders, linear feeders, electric industrial vibrators and similar devices.

Model 6400 Series Controller

The 6400 Series Controller is available in a Nema-1 general purpose enclosure and features a digital display. Vibration sensors are available on all models. Input voltage for the 6400.1 model is 120VAC, 50/60 Hz, while the output is fused for 15 amps.

Model 6450 Series Variable Frequency Controller

The 6450 Series Variable Frequency Controls are available in a Nema-1 general purpose enclosure and a Nema-12 oil resistant enclosure. Vibration sensors are available on all models. Please contact ADI for part numbers and pricing.

Model 6800 Series with Sensor Inputs

ADI has integrated the 8800 Sensi-Tron and the 6000 Feeder controller into one convenient unit. The 6800 series controllers eliminate the need to purchase controllers for each feeding system component, reduce space requirements and wiring time.

Model 9150 Series Dyna-Mite Controller

The 9150 series Dyna-Mite Controller is an economical option for controlling small industrial vibrators. The controller varies the vibration amplitude on one model 9000 or one Model 9100 Dyna-Mite electric vibrator.

Model 4500E DC Motor Controller

The 4500E series DC motor / Centrifeed amplitude controllers are designed to control permanent magnet motors such as Centrifeed Centrifugal Feeders and Orienting Rollers.


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