Model 4500E DC Motor Controller for Vibratory Feeders

An adjustable DC voltage output is provided by a solid state circuit. A combination of counter-EMF and IR feedback is used to stabilize motor speed of vibratory feeding systems. The electronic current-limiting feature reduces motor starting current, thereby prolonging motor and semiconductor life. These motor controllers stabilize the speed of up to a 3/4 Hp DC motor.

PC Board Model Number Input Voltage Line Fuse (AMPS) Max Motor HP


120 VAC 10 3/4


240 VAC 5

Shipping Weight: 3 pounds 

Model 4590 - Variable Speed DC Motor Control

The Model 4590 Controller is a packaged SCR drive in a NEMA-1 enclosure. It is rugged and compact in size. It handles both 115 and 230 VAC line inputs by setting the built-in dual voltage switch.

Dimensions: 5.10" × 7.20" × 4.10"

4500E Motor Amplitude Controller for Vibratory Feeders


ADI Part Number AC Line Voltage (VAC) Motor Voltage (VDC) Max. AC Load Current (RMS AMPS) Max. DC Load Current (AVG. AMPS) Max. Horsepower [HP,(KW)]


115 90-130 12.0 8.0 .75, (0.6)
230 180 12.0 8.0 1.5, (1.1)

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