Leading the Vibratory Feeding Industry for Over 70 Years

Automation Devices Anniversary - 74 YearsFounded in 1947 and known as a forefather of vibratory parts feeding and parts orientation, Automation Devices, Inc. (ADI) produces some of the industry’s most durable and highest quality tooled feeding units. The company was founded by Floyd E. Smith and is now headed by his grandson Mr. Kevin Smith, President.

For over a half a century, the orienting and conveying of parts has been the very core of Automation Devices' existence. Starting in the basement of his house, the business was moved to a larger facility and in 1966 moved its operations to the current 20-acre suburban site in Fairview, PA.

The vibratory feeding systems manufacturer has seen many changes over the years but their commitment to high quality products has remained the same. Currently, operations are centered on three main divisions.

VFC Division

VFC (Vibratory Feeder Company) manufactures Vibratory Feeding Components. The un-tooled equipment forms the basic building blocks on which our customers can add Amplitude Controllers, Pan Feeder Hoppers, Inline Feeders, Orienting Rolls, Sound Enclosures, etc., to produce tooled parts feeding systems. Customers can purchase complete systems or build their own. The division draws from a stock of over 500 cast aluminum feeder bowl patterns in over 300 basic designs and marries those feeder bowls to 1 of 12 different feeder bowl drivers (Base Units).

PEECO Division

PEECO (Perry Equipment and Engineering Company) has over 59 years of experience in the fabrication, machining, and tooling of stainless steel and cast aluminum vibratory feeder bowls. Gleaming outside tooled stainless steel bowls reflect a long history of expertise in what has been described as the elusive art of parts feeding.


Swan-Matic manufactures bottle cap tightening equipment and bottle capping machines also known as chuck cappers. The equipment produced here is among the industry's most durable; often known to operate for 30 years or more requiring little to no maintenance. Swan-Matic is also known for the custom designed driver shells that offer a permanent solution to the frequent replacement of inserts (cap tightening disks) exponentially reducing replacement and wearable parts costs.

Automation Devices Office in Fairview, PA

When you purchase from Automation Devices, you receive not only the end products of our expertise but also the personal attention of our Manufacturer's Representatives, a network which spans the United States, Canada, Australia, New Zealand and Israel. Today's technology allows for excellent daily communications among our representatives, engineering staff, skilled vibratory parts feeder technicians, and management.


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