Model 6800 Series Feeder Controllers with Sensor Inputs

These feeder controllers eliminate the need to purchase amplitude controllers for each vibratory feeding system component, reduce space requirements and wiring time. ADI has integrated the 8800 Sensi-Tron and the 6000 Feeder controller into one convenient unit.

6800 Single Unit Controller

The 6800 series single unit controller with sensor inputs is typically used to control a vibratory feeder bowl/base unit.

6800 Double Unit Controller

The 6800 'D' Controller is two controllers in a NEMA-1 housing. With all the features of two individual controllers, the unit can be used to control one vibratory base unit and one other support unit, such as an inline feeder or hopper and has Sensor Inputs.

6800 Triple Unit Controller

The 6800 series Triple Unit Controller is an all-in-one feeder system controller that features Hopper, Base Unit, Inline, and Sensor controls.

Optional Accessories

The 6812 Constant Feed Rate Sensor is available with the 6800 Series Controllers. The Constant Feed Rate control corrects for fluctuations in the vibratory feeder speed by using a sensor attached to the feeder to monitor the vibration level.


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