Vibratory Parts Feeding Systems and Components

Vibratory Feeding Systems

A parts feeding system usually consists of the all necessary feeding equipment to orient, feed and deliver a product including a vibratory feeder, hopper, sensors , a feeder stand and an escapement or parts nest.

Vibratory Feeder Bowls

Vibratory feeder bowls manufactured and fabricated by ADI, come in a full range of stainless steel and cast aluminum. Choose from a complete line of in-stock cast aluminum bowls.

Base Units and Feeder Stands

Base units provide the vibration essential to the proper function of a vibratory feeder bowl. The base units generally operate with a range of bowl sizes which are referenced within the given specifications.

Inline Feeders

Inline feeders convey oriented parts in a linear motion across tracks designed to transport a specific part shape or product. ADI's unique self-canceling design reduces the vibration transmitted to the mounting surface.

Sensing Devices

Electronic sensors and air operated switches are manufactured by Automation Devices, to assist in the control of vibratory feeder applications.

Orienting Devices

Orienting rolls utilize two rollers spinning in opposite directions and ring-jets use induced air flow (Coanda effect). These products orient parts without vibration.

Amplitude Controllers

Parts feeder base units, in-line feeders, Centrifeed units, hoppers, and orienting rolls often require some means to limit their vibration or motor speed. Without a controller, the units would operate at their maximum speed.


Hoppers including Pan Feeder, Side Delivery, Overhead, Elevator and Conveyor types are manufactured by Automation Devices in Fairview, Pa.

Industrial Vibrators

Material and parts feeding applications or feeding equipment often call for hoppers, tracks, and other gravity assisted feeding devices. Automation Devices' bin vibrators assist gravity movement. They prevent parts from nesting, tangling, or creating "log jams" in hoppers, bins or tracks.

Noise Reduction

The noise emanating from vibratory feeding systems is typically a result of the parts moving in the bowl. Sound enclosures reduce noise level within tolerance limits which reduces or eliminates the need for ear protection. It also makes the production environment more conducive to communication and productivity.

Fork Rhino

The Fork Rhino is a lightweight and economical alternative to the traditionally large, difficult to handle, pickup and store trailer spotters. It converts your forklift into a versatile equipment handler capable of moving a variety of hitch equipment: ball hitches, goose necks and pintles.

Centrifugal Feeders

The Centrifeed Centrifugal Feeders are intended for high speed and non-vibratory feeding applications.

Vibratory Feeder System Videos

View vibratory feeder systems videos from Automation Devices, Inc., manufacturer of vibratory feeding systems and components.