Vibratory Feeder Repair and Tuning Services

Automation Devices, Inc. (ADI) repairs all makes of vibratory parts feeding equipment, domestic and imported. Once the feeder base unit is reassembled and the vibratory feeder bowl is fastened to the base unit's top casting, the tuning process begins. Every effort is made to maximize the amplitude of movement despite the mechanical limitation of each base unit and vibratory bowl combination. After the vibratory feeder bowl reaches maximum amplitude, the technician places samples in the feeder bowl then throttles back the vibratory feeder amplitude controller and observes movement within the tooled feeder bowl.

The technician assesses bowl tooling performance and considers numerous options to increase the part feed rate. If a problem exists, ADI will suggest a solution and provide you with a quote on the repair, or direct your personnel on implementing the suggested changes. We prefer to return feeders in like-new condition. Provide ADI a little extra time and we will make sure the feeder base unit is painted.

Vibratory Feeder Repair and Tuning Services - Automation Devices, Inc.To ensure the feeder base unit leaves our facility operating at 100%, the vibratory base units are disassembled and:

  • Springs and spring mounting surfaces are cleaned
  • Spring spacers are replaced
  • Wear surfaces are inspected
  • Base unit screw threads are inspected
  • Coils are inspected
  • Any fasteners that do not meet ADI Standards are replaced.

How long does tuning take?

ADI's feeder base units are shipped within two working days from receipt at our dock. Domestic and foreign are shipped typically within four or fewer working days. Contact Automation Devices for more information about our vibratory feeder repair and tuning services.


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