Model 6400 Series Amplitude Controller for Vibratory Feeders

Model 6400 Series Amplitude Controllers for Vibratory FeedersThe 6400 Series Controller is available in a Nema-1 general purpose enclosure and features a digital display. Vibration sensors are available on all models. Input voltage for the 6400.1 model is 120VAC, 50/60 Hz, while the output is fused for 15 amps. The 6400 Series are also available in a double or triple control enclosure. Please contact ADI for part numbers and pricing.

  • Easy-to-navigate set-up menu that will have you up and running in no time
  • Features a soft-start adjustment with status line messaging
  • An NPN or PNP part sensor can be added to cycle the feeder on and off
  • Digital display
  • Measures feeder vibration and regulates the output accordingly
  • Reduces part rate variation as the power line drifts and prevents excessive backpressure from jamming the assembly process

Model 6400 Resources

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