Model 6450 Series Variable Frequency Controller

The 6450 Series Variable Frequency Controls are available in a Nema-1 general purpose enclosure. Vibration sensors are available on all models. Input voltage is 85-264 VAC, 50/60 Hz and fused from 5 amps to 10 amps upon request. The output voltage is 0-120/240 VAC, 30-140 Hz and rated from 3 amps to 18 amps upon request. Also available in a Nema-12 oil resistant enclosure. The 3 amp and 9 amp rated controllers are also available in a double or triple control enclosure. Please contact ADI for part numbers and pricing.

Model 6450 variable frequency controller

  • Universal 85-264 VAC input voltage operating range
  • Easy-to-navigate set-up menu that will have you up and running in no time
  • Resonant frequency can be found manually using the keypad or automatically by mounting the vibration sensor and letting the controller scan the frequency range (30-140 HZ)
  • An NPN or PNP part sensor can be added to cycle the feeder on and off
  • Optional operating modes include an empty bowl/parts jam indicator, two-speed operation and an "always on" feature that when used in conjunction with the auxiliary output can operate an air-jet or light stand

Model 6450 Series Controller Resources

Good Wiring Practices
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