Adjusting the Maximum Potentiometer Setting

Why is the Maximum Output Feature Used? It is used to ensure that a vibratory parts feeder cannot be turned above the set point. It is ideal for production processes that feature a maximum feed rate. It can also be used to narrow the scope of control over the linear power curve.

Vibratory Feeder Controller MaximumThe Maximum Output of the controller can be changed by turning the potentiometer that is marked "Max" as referenced in the picture on the right.

  • To DECREASE Max. Output
    Turning the pot counter-clockwise will DECREASE the maximum output voltage. For example, if the pot is turned completely counter-clockwise, the highest setting on the actual controller will approach 0 (zero) volts.

  • To INCREASE Max. Output
    Turning the pot clockwise will INCREASE the maximum output voltage. For instance, if the pot is turned completely clockwise, the maximum that the feeder controller will be able to be turned up will approach 120 Volts.

Feeder Controller Maximum Resources

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1/24/2022, 1:33 PM


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