Vibratory Feeder System Base Units and Feeder Stands/Tables

Base units provide the vibration essential to the proper function of a vibratory feeder bowl. The base units generally operate with a range of bowl sizes which are referenced within the given specifications. A vibratory controller is required to control the amplitude of vibration. Please visit Vibratory Feeder Amplitude Controllers for additional information.

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Standard Base Units

Base units provide the vibration essential to the proper function of a vibratory feeder bowl. ADI engineers can assist customers in choosing the correct vibratory feeder base unit for their feeder bowl.

Fast Angle Base Units

For faster, more linear movement, this type of vibratory feeder base unit provides a "smoother" vibration due to its linear nature.

Low Profile Base Units

ADI's Low Profile Series of Base Units fill the need for parts feeding applications which are moderate in size, yet demand powerful base units to drive fabricated bowls with outside tooling and maintain stability as the parts load changes.

Feeder Stands

ADI's feeder stands, of rigid, heavy welded steel, provide maximum stability for supporting vibratory feeders. They permit positive feeder placement and assure the full application of the base unit vibration to the bowl.

Foot Locators

Foot Locators are metal plates with a round hole sized to accept the feeder base unit's rubber feet. The locators 'lock' the feeder into place and prevent it from shifting out of place.

Rubber Feet

Rubber feet and Locator Style Feet are used to isolate vibration emanating from vibratory feeders and other vibratory feeder equipment.

How to Choose a Vibratory Drive

Vibratory feeder drive unit tips and points that should be considered prior to purchase. For further information, contact one of Automation Devices' engineers.

Resources for Base Units and Feeder Stands


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