Components of a Vibratory Parts Feeding System

Vibratory Parts Feeding System componentsThe following list corresponds with the components highlighted in a typical parts feeding system:

  1.  5500C 5 cu. ft. Pan Feeder Hopper
  2. 18" Polyurethane Cast Aluminum Bowl
  3. Hold and Release Mechanism
  4. T-18 Inline Feeder
  5. Model 15 Base Unit
  6. 8651 Level Control Switch
  7. Custom Feeder Stand
  8. 22 Inch Custom Linear Track
  9. Adjustable Pan Feeder Hopper Stand




Meeting the Needs of Our Customers

ADI is frequently called on by manufacturers who need to orient parts in preparation for secondary operations which inspect a product and then package it. Customers who make automatic screwdrivers utilize ADI vibratory feeding equipment to orient the fasteners and then hold them in a special escapement for release on demand. Manufacturers of discrete electrical components, such as resistors and capacitors, frequently utilize our expertise. To meet their needs, ADI develops parts feeding systems which present parts to operators for assembly, testing, inspection and marking, and for insertion into cartridges for later use in automatic assembly machines.

ADI's vibratory feeder knowledge base reaches deep into the pharmaceutical and medical packaging industries. Most of the major cosmetic companies are among our customers. Moreover, we supply tooled feeder bowls to many contract manufacturing and packaging firms.


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