Vibratory Parts Feeding System Options

Automation Devices manufactures vibratory parts feeders and the full range of vibratory feeding equipment down to the individual components. Vibratory feeders usually consist of the following components:

Standard components are manufactured in-house and maintained as inventory and then customized to individual needs. The ability to rely on inventory enables faster turnaround times than our competition and produces extremely consistent quality.


Small vibratory parts feeder

How Small of a Feeder Can ADI Design?

ADI is known throughout the vibratory feeding industry for being able to feed small and intricate parts. This is an ADI Vibratory Feeding System with a 3.5-inch vibratory bowl and part escapement that orients and feeds a .175 inch "slotted stent" . The bowl and tooling is nickel plated to enhance durability and prevent oxidization. The tooling was made from A-2 tool steel (58-60 Rockwell) and features a back-pressure sensor to turn the bowl on and off as needed.


Headed pin vibratory feeder

Small Parts Orientation and Feeding

This 8-inch vibratory feeding unit orients and feeds a small headed pin (.174 inches) at a rate of 20 parts per minute. The tooling was nickel plated to prevent oxidization and contamination while it also extends wear. The vibratory feeder bowl orients the pieces without any air assist which greatly reduces operational costs. ADI strives to avoid the use of air jets in an effort to reduce the equipment operational costs/overhead: often, compressed air is overlooked as an expense.



Vibratory feeder belt high speed feeding

High Speed Feeding with Discriminate Tooling

This system was designed to meet a high feed rate which was demanded of dual tracks. The products this machine feeds feature minimal discernible orientation characteristics and required a complex series of tooling to determine position and orientation. The parts feed in a single track until the parts approach the exit. At this point, a dual wrap-around track is devised to take an upper layer of parts as the lower track catches the excess parts from the track above. The parts are delivered to a conveyor system which is controlled by the PLC of the assembly machine.



Turnkey vibratory feeding solution

Turnkey Feeding Solutions

A polyurethane lined cast aluminum feeder bowl and an inline feeder with linear feeding track were used to deliver a plastics piece to an assembly station. The bowl is equipped with the ADI 8651 level control switch and the inline track features a photoelectric sensor. The track sensor turns the bowl on and off when the track is full of parts. Turning the bowl on and off as parts are needed is one of the single most important techniques for reducing feeder bowl wear.



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