Vibratory Feeders with Cast Aluminum Bowls

These vibratory feeders are typical feeding applications equipped with fully tooled cast aluminum bowls.


Dual bowl vibratory feeding system

Dual Bowl Vibratory Feeding Systems

Two processing stations demanded simultaneous delivery of a powdered metal blank. The products are stored in a vibratory hopper which is controlled by a level control ensuring consistent product levels. The bowls were inlaid with stainless steel in high wear areas as well as coated with LineX to further reduce wear and noise. The process of lining high wear spots of a cast aluminum bowl with stainless steel greatly extends usable life and enables quick repair with spare replacement pieces.



Single feeding solution

Single Feeding Solutions

A polyurethane lined cast aluminum bowl and an inline feeder with linear feeding track were used to deliver a plastics piece to an assembly station. The bowl is equipped with the ADI 8651 Level control switch and the inline track features a photoelectric sensor. The track sensor turns the bowl on and off when the track is full of parts. Turning the bowl on and off as parts are needed is one of the single most important techniques for reducing feeder bowl wear.


Vibratory feeder with noise reduction equipment

Feeder Systems with Noise Reduction Equipment

A vibratory feeder with a cast aluminum bowl feeding glass bulbs is enclosed with a sound enclosure. The complete feeding system features a pan feeder hopper, electronic sensors, an inline feeder track and feeder stand. A sound enclosure eliminates the need for protective hearing equipment such as ear plugs which can become a large expense.




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