Stainless Steel Feeder Bowl System Application

All major components of these stainless steel feeder bowl systems, from the controller to the escapement, are manufactured and engineered by Automation Devices.



Small vibratory feeder

How Small of a Feeder Can ADI Design?

ADI is known throughout the vibratory feeding industry for being able to feed small and intricate parts. This is an ADI Vibratory Feeding System with a 3.5-inch vibratory bowl and escapement that orients and feeds a .175 inch "slotted stent" . The bowl and tooling is nickel plated to enhance durability and prevent oxidization. The tooling was made from A-2 tool steel (58-60 Rockwell) and features a back-pressure sensor to turn the bowl on and off as needed.

Though this is small, ADI is extremely well versed in orienting and feeding parts as small as .030 inches long and .0465 inches wide.



Stainless steel vibratory feeder quality control

Gauging and Quality Control

This stainless steel system was designed for a military related application that required the feeding system to gauge the product being fed. The orienting rolls were set to ensure that pieces only within the given tolerance are carried on to the next process. A supply hopper, feeder stand, and amplitude controls are all located on the same platform which offers customers the convenience and cost savings of a single-source provider for vibratory feeding equipment.


Cap feeder with linex and noise reduction

Reducing Noise Levels

This stainless steel feeder bowl is feeding a composite cap-type part related to the Automotive Industry. The feeder bowl lining applied over the stainless steel bowl greatly reduces the noise level. The lining comes at minimal additional expense while it can eliminate expenses associated with noise level reduction and hearing protection equipment.


High speed feeder with discriminate tooling

High Speed Feeding with Discriminate Tooling

This system was designed to meet a high feed rate which was demanded of dual tracks. The products this machine feeds feature minimal discernible orientation characteristics and required a complex series of tooling to determine position and orientation. The parts a feed in a single track until the parts approach the exit. At this point, a dual wrap-around track is devised to take an upper layer of parts as the lower track catches the excess parts from the track above. The parts are delivered to a conveyor system which is controlled by the PLC of the assembly machine.



Lipstick sample vibratory feeder

Cosmetic Container Orientation and Feeding

This system stores, orients, and conveys cosmetic lipstick samples using a vibratory feeder, orienting rolls and an inline feeder with a linear track. The feed rate demanded of the feeding system is 75 parts per minute. The gray controllers seen in front are 6000.1 amplitude controllers used to control the vibratory products within the system while the green face controller is a DC controller, Model 4590 used to control the orienting rolls. A photo-electric sensor is placed on the rolls to turn the vibratory bowl off after the part level exceeds the capacity of the rollers.




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