Custom Inline / Linear Feeder Tracks

Inline Feeder with twisted track

ADI is extremely well versed in custom fabrication of inline feeder tracks. The entire process is performed in the Fairview PA facility by some of the feeding industry's most experienced fabricators.

This custom linear feeder track twists 90 degrees, taking a part on its side and standing it up on end. A twisted track is most often used to turn or twist parts when the natural feeding orientation is not acceptable by automated machinery.

The three sizes of Inline Feeder models offer a choice of engines necessary to drive progressively larger and heavier loads. Offset, inverted, and twisted tracks are practical solutions to parts feeding requirements and they work well on Inline Feeders.

Tile inline feeder system

This inline feeder is mounted upside down from an inline feeder stand. Suspending the inline and custom linear track conserved space on the feeder stand, allowed for additional components and reduced the expense of incorporating the system into a larger layout.


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