Model 8651 Level Control Switch

Model 8651

All parts feeding hoppers can use an Automatic Level Control Switch (ADI Model 8651) to maintain a predetermined level of parts in the feeder bowl. This product is independent from a storage hopper and is used to remotely operate hoppers, conveyors, and other electrical devices.

The complete Level Control Switch assembly consists of an 18-inch rigid support column, an adjustable-height cast aluminum support arm, and a free-moving sensor arm attached to the switch body. The end of the sensor arm is shaped like a paddle which rides on top of the parts in a feeder bowl. A low level of parts causes the sensor arm to rotate down, activating the Parts Level Control Switch contacts. This allows current to flow to the vibratory hopper, turning it on and initiating part movement.

8651 Level control switch




Model 8631: Switch without the stand and paddle

  • Aluminum housing measuring 11/2 inches wide x 5 inches long x 2 3/8 inches high.
  • Internal snap switch rated for 15 Amps up to 250 Volts AC.
  • 1/2 inch NPT on the end accepts an electrical entrance fitting
  • Shipping weight for SWITCH ONLY is 4 pounds.

Level control device usage



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