Vibratory Feeder Foot Locators

Minimize the Transfer of Vibration

Foot Locators are metal plates with a round hole sized to accept the feeder base unit's rubber feet. One end of the plate has a slot through which a boltprovides an adjustable but secure way of attaching the locator to the feeder mounting surface. The foot locators 'lock' the feeder into place and prevent it from shifting out of place.                                                                                                                                                                                                                 

To obtain trouble-free operation of your Automation Devices' Vibratory Parts Feeder, the transmission of vibration from the base of the feeder to the mounting media must be minimized. This requires minimizing both the vertical and the horizontal vibration components.     

Vertical Vibration

The vertical vibration component can easily be eliminated by providing a rigid mounting surface of sufficient mass so that  it will not vibrate. The mounting media must be rigid enough to resist the torsional vibration of the feeder.

Horizontal Vibration

The horizontal vibration component is sometimes the more difficult one to isolate. In some applications, the friction between the feeder's rubber mounts (or feet) and the mounting surface is insufficient to prevent the feeder from rotating about its centerline. However, the feeder can be restrained from moving horizontally (or rotationally) by locating the rubber feet in pockets (holes in the foot locator plates). This allows the rubber feet to flex while keeping the feeder from rotating. The pockets must not be too confining on the rubber or the vibratory action of the feeder may be significantly dampened.

Vibratory feeder foot locator plateLateral Stress 

If there is a lateral stress placed on one of the rubber feet by an improper location of one or more of the locator plates, the feeder action will be dampened. We recommend that three foot locators be used. However, two may be adequate in some applications.

Be sure when mounting the locator plate (using the screw and washer provided) that the screw head does not contact the base of the feeder. Such contact would cancel the effectiveness of the rubber foot and decrease the overall performance of the feeder.

Part Number Use on Base Unit A B C D E F G


 5.8  2 1/2 1 1/4  9/32  3/8  5/8  1 1/2 


10, 15  13/32  3/8  1 1/2  2 5/8  1 1/2 


 18XL, 20, 25, 30, or 35 5 7/8  3 1/4  13/32  3/8  1 1/2  3 7/8  2 9/16 


Vibratory feeder foot locator plated steel
Vibratory feeder foot locator aluminum
Vibratory feeder foot locator cast aluminum



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