Low Profile Vibratory Feeder Base Units

Model 18XL low profile vibratory drive unitModel 10 Low Profile Drive Unit

The Model 10 Low Profile base unit is designed for feeder bowls between 10 and 18 inches and offers a lower height from the table to the top of the drive unit, taking up less space compared to standard feeders.

Model 18XL Vibratory Drive Unit

Automation Devices' Low Profile Series of Base Units fill the need for parts feeding applications which are moderate in size, yet demand a powerful base unit to drive fabricated bowls with outside tooling and maintain stability as the parts load changes. Low Profile Base Units operate as AC (7200 vibrations per minute at a line frequency of 60 Hz) feeders. The Low Profiles' dual coils provide extra power to drive the bowl.

Model 18 low profile base unitAC feeder coils are energized at 120 pulses per second. Feed rate is improved and parts movement through the bowl tooling is smoother, aiding the natural orientation of parts. The end result is high performance and efficient part orientation.

Another benefit of the Low Profile Series of Base Units is the versatile bowl mounting features.

The cross-shaped top casting permits two bowl mounting methods:

  1. Bottom mounting of cast aluminum or stainless steel bowls from a four-hole bolt circle 16 1/2 inches in diameter.
  2. Center mounting of cast aluminum bowls.

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Model 10 Low Profile Base Unit Instructions
Operating Instructions for ADI's Model 10 Low Profile Base Unit
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