Fast Angle Vibratory Feeder Base Units


The difference in spring angle between the Standard Base Units and the Fast Angle Base Units (FA Models) is illustrated by this photo of the 10 and 10FA (fast-angle).

Fast Angle Vibratory Feeder Base Unit Models


Model 05FA Base Unit

The Model 5 Vibratory Feeder Base Unit is designed for vibratory feeder bowls between 6 and 10 inches.

Model 10FA Base Unit

Our Model 10FA vibratory base unit for 10"-18" bowls produces a finer and faster vibration than the standard vibratory base units.

Model 15FA Base Unit

Our Model 15 Fast Angle Vibratory Feeder produces a higher degree of linear movement than stand feeders which results in a faster and smoother feeding pattern.


The model 10FA and 15FA fast angle base units feeding applications offer a faster and smoother movement. The spring angle is changed from a standard 25 degrees.

Model 10 low profile, standard, and fast angle diagrams



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