Overhead / Gravity Hoppers

The Overhead Hopper is ADI’s most independent hopper. It operates withou the need for a direct source of vibration and electrical power. This independence combined with an extremely flexible mounting system yields a gravity hopper suited to perform exceptionally well in a wide variety of vibratory feeding applications.

Ideal for applications where minimal vibration of the product is desired, the overhead hopper is capable of accelerated feed rates without promoting further damage to the product. The hopper’s unique shape controls the flow of material or parts. It will generally feed any part or product that does not have a tendency to severely bind or tangle. The overhead as a stainless steel hopper is frequently sought by Pharmaceutical and Medical Packaging Industry affiliates for its ease of use and versatility.


                                                      Custom SS gravity hopper                                                                                                Overhead hopper u-bolts closeup

 This custom designed gravity hopper was designed to meet FDA Requirements. The hopper is 3 cubic feet, constructed of stainless steel and    features a continuous weld.



Overhead / Gravity Hopper Operation

Generally, the distance of the rubber sleeve from the vibratory feeder bowl controls the flow rate; the more distance between the rubber sleeve and the feeder bowl, the higher the feed rate. However, the gravity hopper's feed rate can be influenced by utilizing either back pressure from parts in the bowl to constrict part feed rate or the vibratory feeder’s vibration to accelerate the release rate. Please consult an ADI engineer for information regarding the optimal size hopper for your vibratory feeding application

                                       This close-up illustrates the U-bolts that
                                       make adjusting discharge height easy.



Overhead Model Number Capacity (Cubic Feet) Max Discharge Height (Inches) Steel Gauge


1/4 15 1/4 16


1/2 14 1/4 16


1 12 1/4 14

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