Elevator Hoppers

Elevator Hopper

In order to offer our customers a total parts handling and orienting system, we supply our customers with the industry's most reliable elevating and conveying hoppers. The general construction of these Elevator Hoppers include:

  • Storage bin
  • Motor-driven conveyor
  • Controls
  • Mainframe on which to mount and support the individual components

Elevator Conveyors are ordered with the quantity of parts to be stored, part dimensions and weight, conveyor belting & cleat construction (example: FDA approved materials), and the discharge height requirement in mind. Common options include:

  • Elevator extensions
  • Stainless steel components and frame
  • Contiguous weld construction
  • Hopper and conveyor covers
  • Sealed motors that can be washed down

You need only convey your requirements to our sales engineers to obtain a comprehensive quotation.

NOTE: Elevator and custom conveyor hoppers are custom designed and serve as a complementary product for parts feeding systems. These items are not available as “off-the-shelf" equipment for individual purchase. Please contact us if you would like a quote on a parts feeding system that includes an elevator or custom conveyor hopper.


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