Orienting Roller Description and Features

Orienting Rolls effectively orient and convey parts in a quiet and gentle non-vibratory manner. Increased spacing between parts is often achieved, lending itself to other applications where parts are inspected or gauged.

Each roller is precision ground and hard chrome plated. Optional coatings can be applied to orienting rolls for special applications such as handling food or pharmaceutical items. Abrasion-resistant coatings may also be applied to the rollers.

7800 orienting rolls


Custom fitted micrometer adjuster


Orienting Rolls are driven from a gear-reduced motor by way of an O-ring type belt. The belt rides over pulleys, causing one roller to rotate clockwise and the other counterclockwise. This action breaks the friction between the parts and the rollers. The rollers are set at a slight angle so the parts flow downward and away from the point where they are dropped onto the rollers.




Features and Options

Custom-fitted micrometer adjusters permit a quick and accurate changeover to the next part. This system also features a 0-2500 RPM variable speed motor.


  • Precision-ground, case-hardened rolls
  • Gear-reduced motors on stock rolls

Options are quoted upon request and include:

Micrometer orienting roll

7800 Orienting roll

Model 7800


Orienting Roll Models

Model Number Roller Length (Inches)

Motor Speed


Input Voltage Input Current



12  0-2500 Variable  120 VAC  
1.80 A




18  0-2500 Variable  120 VAC  
1.80 A




24  0-2500 Variable  120 VAC  
1.80 A

Note: 240 VAC Models are quoted upon request   **Users will need a 4590 Controller if using DC input


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