Choosing the Right Vibratory Feeder Controllers

ADI manufactures the 6000 series of feeder controllers designed to control any ADI feeder drive units as well as most other manufacturer's models. The controllers are available in 120 Volt and 240 Volt operations. They are designed for basic vibratory feeder operation while fully capable of advanced operation.

Vibratory Feeder Controller 6000.1


Vibratory feeder controller 6400.2D


ADI also offers advanced vibratory feeder controllers capable of controlling a series of feeders and components as well as automatically searching for optimal operating frequencies and dynamic bowl tuning through electrical controls.




When ordering a controller, make sure the voltage rating of the controller is matched to the voltage rating of the product. The last digit of electronic product numbers indicates the voltage rating: .1 = 120 Volt , .2 = 240 Volt

Vibratory feeder controller triple


vibratory feeder controller 9150

  • The 6000 Series of controllers will work with any 120 Volt vibratoryADI Product with an electromagnetic coil. These are not meant for permanent magnet motors.



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