Vibratory Feeder Bowl Track Configurations

Track Cross-Sections

Hi-Negative Tracks

Hi-Negative Tracks have a 60° negative angle in the last quadrant of the vibratory feeder bowl. Some follow a transition from a positive angle to the negative angle. Typical parts oriented in these bowls are flat,                                                    irregular parts or parts with a projection on one side.


Positive TracksPositive Tracks

Positive Tracks have a less than 90° included angle between the track and the side wall of the vibratory bowl. Track angle is expressed in degrees of the slope above the horizontal plane - usually 7°, 15° or 60°.


Multiple TrackMultiple Track

Multiple Track bowls have two or more tracks. Each track carries parts from the bottom of the vibratory bowl to its discharge. The discharge of stock bowls can have up to ten tracks. Advantages include higher production rates and the simultaneous delivery of fixed numbers of parts to the bowl's discharge.


Radius-Form TracksRadius-Form Tracks

Radius-Form Tracks generally have a groove for the entire length of the track, but some just for the last quadrant. They are designed to feed a cylindrical part whose length is equal to or greater than its                                                        diameter. The track's radius should match the profile of the part being fed.


V-Form TracksV-Form Tracks

V-Form Tracks contain grooves of 60°, 90°, 120°, or 150° as the included angle. Some run the entire track length, others only the latter part of the track. These tracks are designed to feed cylindrical parts.


Negative TracksNegative Tracks

Negative Tracks have a greater than 90° included angle between the track and the side wall of the bowl,                                             expressed as degrees of slope below the horizontal plane - usually 15°, 30°, or 60°. Typical parts to                                                         orient include thin rectangular stampings and shallow pan or cap type parts.


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