Decision Factors in Tooling Your Own Vibratory Feeder Bowl

Tooling your own bowls is not impossible, but it is often impractical. You need to have qualified people, lead time, required materials, and the proper machinery.

Ask Yourself the Following:

  • Has someone in your organization tooled vibratory feeder bowls that are successful in terms of reliable orientation?
  • Can that person devote a lot of time to solely tooling bowls?
  • Can that individual tie up several metal cutting machines for a week to ten days?
  • What happens when engineering changes the part's design and a different tooling method is required?
  • Can you really save money? Don't confuse variable costs with sunk costs!

These are points that are often overlooked when trying to reduce costs in automation. Being as these factors are not easily quantifiable, they often lead to a variety of increased expenses and undermine the purpose of automating production lines by offsetting productivity gains.

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