Electronic Operated Sensor and Switch

8827 Manual Calibration Fiberoptic Sensor

  • Back pressure control, parts counting, part presence for hold and release devices
  • Fiber optic amplifier with stainless steel jacketed probes
  • Thru beam or retro reflective
  • 12-24 volt DC current
  • Selectable light on/dark on
  • Adjustable sensitivity for translucent parts
  • Delay on, delay off, no delay
  • Fine adjust or turbo for long distance sensing
  • Easy screwdriver adjustment, (no annoying programming sequences)
  • DIN mount included
  • ADI stocks a large variety of electronic sensors and fiber optics from various manufacturers.



Electronic sensor with probes

8827 Electronic Operated Sensor with probes.




8820-21 & 8822-23 Infrared Probes

The LED Source Probe emits an invisible beam of light in the infrared spectrum. These emissions are sent out of a series of pulses at a fixed rate of speed. The phototransistor receiver probe (or element) detects these emissions. The receiving circuit is synchronous with the pulse rate of the source probe. This feature significantly reduces false signals from external light sources.

8820 LED (light emitting diode) probe and 8821 receiver (phototransistor) replacement probes for formerly used 8800 Sensitron back pressure controller.

8820-21 infrared probes

8820-21 probes.


Electric Sensor Components

Model Number Description Comments


Full Assembly Fiberoptic sensor with probes


Source Probe 6 Feet


Receiver Probe 6 Feet


Source Probe 12 Feet


Receiver Probe 12 Feet

*8800.1 is an obsolete part number.


  • All components are available


  • All components are available


  • All components are available


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