Centrifeed Centrifugal Feeder Applications

Centrifeed feeder parts

Typical parts for use in a Centrifeed™ Centrifugal Feeder are symmetrical, have a simple and smooth geometry, and have one side or end that aids in the select-or-reject process of orienting. Part diameters up to 5 inches and lengths up to 7 inches are practical. Thin flat parts, with very little side-for-side variation in their surfaces, are often good candidates for use in a Centrifeed.




Feeding Cosmetic Containers

Cosmetic container caps move at a high feed rate elevated by a powered conveyor. A brush motor removes mis-oriented parts clearing the track for properly oriented parts.

Centrifeed cosmetic container feeder


Centrifeed pharmaceutical FDA grade feeder


Pharmaceutical/FDA Grade Feeding 

This pharmaceutical grade, high volume parts feeder includes an integral overhead storage hopper.







A Model CF40 Centrifeed™ feeder orients and conveys blown glass parts to a track powered by two Model 5300 Inline Feeders on this Centrifugal Feeding System.

CF40 Centrifeed Feeder



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