Air / Pneumatic Industrial Vibrators

Ball-type air vibrators produce non-directional vibration. This type of vibration is what its name implies: it is random and lacks direction. It is best used to prevent parts from jamming and keep materials flowing in or from equipment such as in chutes and hoppers. Ideally, they are used for gravity-assisted applications. It should not be relied upon as a conveyor. 

If you wish to convey parts with vibration, please refer to Inline Feeders for Tracks, Base/Drive Units for Bowls and Hoppers for Bulk.

Model BD10 (Turbine) Vibrators

The Model BD10 is a powerful but quiet air bin vibrator. It has a specially designed turbine which produces vibration at a frequency which varies with the air flow rate. This sealed unit is excellent for use in dirty environments where dust and liquids make other types impractical. All bearing surfaces are pre-lubricated for long life.

BD10 Turbine vibrator dimensions

BD10 turbine air vibrator



Model Number Vibrations Per Min Input PSI SCFM


12,000 60 3 1/2

*Shipping Weight: 2 pounds

Model BD10A (Aluminum Housing), Model BD10M (Malleable Iron Housing) Vibrators

The Model BD10A/M is a dual mount ball-type air vibrator designed to produce light-to-medium vibration. Applications include hoppers, chutes, match plates, light sifting screens, and lab testing. A larger version, the Model BD13 is available on request.

BD10A-BD10M vibrator dimensions

BD10A-BD10M air vibrator



Model Number Vibrations Per Min Input PSI SCFM


25,000 60 6


25,000 60 6

*Shipping Weight: 2 pounds

Model SUAH10 Vibrators

The Model SUAH10 is a sealed ball-type air vibrator. It is a natural selection for immersion in hot or cold liquids. Single bolt mounting simplifies installation.

SUAH10 vibrator dimensions

SUAH air vibrator



Model Number Vibrations Per Min Input PSI SCFM


25,000 60 4 1/2

*Shipping Weight: 2 pounds

Model 8181 Vibrators

The Model 8181 is an air-cushioned piston vibrator. It does not require metal-to-metal contact, yet it is effective in keeping material moving in large hoppers, tracks, or bins.

8181 vibrator dimensions

Model Number Vibrations Per Min Input PSI SCFM


3,200 80 8 1/2

*Shipping Weight: 5 pounds


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