Vibratory Parts Feeding Tips


Parts Feeding Tip: Reducing Feeder Coil Meltdown

Posted on September 2nd, 2016 at 5:08 PM

Here are some reasons and preventative steps that can be taken to reduce or eliminate parts feeder coils from "burning out"

First, the vibratory feeder unit is rated for a given load. For instance, a T-8 Inline Feeder is rated for a 3 pound (1.36 kg) load rating. The load rating is expressed as the weight of the track only. The weight of the parts / products traveling over the track is not considered because, once operating, the parts never really "rest" on the track. Please make sure the actual load does not exceed the rated load. Visit the respective Products page for load ratings.

Second, ensure the coil gap is set correctly. It should be about .060 or under for inlines and approximately .030 for base units. Anything more and the coil will operate too inefficiently and will most likely overheat.

A third possible problem is that the AC linear feeder or AC base unit is being controlled by a DC controller. Please make sure the controller has the proper output and set to the AC position if switchable.

The most common cause of coil melt-down is the wrong input voltage. Ensure that 120 Volt units are plugged into 120 Volt Service. A 120 Volt rated coil does not last much more than a few hours when the input line is 240 Volts. The feeder will run violently until it burns out or overheats the coil

Also, a coil never really loses its strength. A coil gap that is too large will often lead the user to believe it has lost its strength. Before deciding to replace it, check the gap.

If you are experiencing difficulty with coils overheating and burning out, ADI will gladly investigate the problem for you. Please return the unit if possible and we will diagnose it. Our warranty is timeless and of all the components, the coils are among the ones that should out-live any wearable component. All you have to do is ship the unit to ADI and we will replace or repair the unit free of charge if it is a result of faulty workmanship. We stand behind our products and will ensure you are re-supplied with quality.