Vibratory Parts Feeding Tips


Parts Feeding Tip: Parts Feeder Drivers and the “Tuning Process

Posted on September 2nd, 2016 at 5:11 PM

A vibratory feeder’s amplitude of vibration is a function of the base unit’s spring size selection and how tightly those springs are clamped to the top and base castings. The spacing between the base unit’s coil and armature has only a minor roll in what is often call the feeder “tuning” process. When the coil is energized it act to arch the springs much like the way an archer flexes a bow. The critical element is how fast or slow the springs return to their at-rest position. The feeder company chooses the spring thickness and quantities of springs, all that remains is how stiff or loose the springs are clamped and that is the “Tuning” Process. Feeders must be tuned following unit assembly and when re-assembled. Contact Automation Devices directly or speak with any of our Representative to obtain additional information on the vibratory feeder tuning as a means of improving feeder performance.