Vibratory Parts Feeding Tips


Parts Feeding Tip: Part Transfer is Like Threading the Eye of a Needle

Posted on September 2nd, 2016 at 5:13 PM

This tip is in response to calls ADI receives regarding parts feeding systems where the bowl feeder delivers an acceptable number of parts, yet the transfer of parts to the adjoining gravity track or In-Line feeder track is unsatisfactory.

Proper alignment to the track and dimensional allowances in the track’s design are of primary concern. Note that the vibratory feeder bowl discharge is in motion and the gravity track is not. The opening of the receiving track must have some room on either side to compensate for the fact that the feeder bowl’s discharge could be to one side or the other. Parts will not always be delivered to the center of the track. Allow a working gap between the end of the bowl’s discharge and the gravity track. This is equally important with In-Line feeders the In-Line could be moving back at the same time the bowl is moving forward.