Vibratory Parts Feeding Tips


Parts Feeding Tip: Over-Kill on Linear Track Designs

Posted on September 2nd, 2016 at 5:09 PM

In-Line Feeder tracks need NOT be designed as heavy anvil-like structures. They can be milled from aluminum bar stock or other compounds. When wear protection is required, hard coat anodizing is a practical solution. Take a U-shaped track as an example. The floor of the track can be thin, but the sidewalls need to be thick to make the design rigid. Be judicious with the use of covers on tracks. They can inhibit the forward movement of parts and are a source of grief when a misformed part jams in the track. ADI will always ask for a LOAD RATING when taking orders for In-Line Feeders. In effect, we are asking for the weight of the track, mounting screws, and any other hardware that will be mounted on the top casting of the In-Line Feeder.

A quick word on In-Line Feeder stands : They will be subject to some vibration. Avoid mounting methods that are a cantilever design, where only half of the vibratory feeder and stand are supported and the other half overhangs the mounting plate and dangles in the air!