Tee Nut Vibratory Feeder Bowls

These bowls (Series #630) are a direct factory replacement for Tee-sert/Stafast Tee nut bowls and are specifically cast to accommodate Tee nuts. They feed two different sizes:

1/4" plus 10-32 Tee Nuts
5/16" Tee Nuts


The bowls measure 18" diameter with a 1" track width. All of our vibratory feeder bowls are constructed of high-quality materials only! The bowls and cast rails are constructed of aluminum, the discharge covers are stainless steel and the wiper is A-Z tool steel and plated.

Need the entire parts feeding system?

These associated components are available:

  • Model #10 Base Unit* 120V (#10ck.1) or 240V (#10ck.2) - clockwise only
  • Controller* 120V (#6000.1) or 240V (#6000.2)
  • Foot Locators* (3) #7911

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Tee Nut Feeder Bowl and Base Unit


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