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Swan-Matic Offers New Hazardous Location Capper

Posted on January 12th, 2015 at 2:48 PM

Swan-Matic, a bottle capping equipment manufacturer is now offering a hazardous location capper featuring Noltron’s model 4480 anti-tie down monitor paired with dual Killark palm buttons. The C500PB hazardous location capper is an all-electric device that uses a variable speed motor and electronic controls.

The C500PB utilizes Class I, Div. 1 & 2, Groups B1,C,D approved housings, motor and seal-offs. These components enable the C500PB capper to handle hazardous locations by prohibiting any sparks to ignite or be exposed into the atmosphere, reducing the risk of a fire.

The dual palm buttons featured on the C500PB require that both buttons are pushed simultaneously within ½ a second of each other or the machine will not cycle. This feature is known as “anti-tie down,” which prevents the operator from locking down one or both palm buttons to shorten cycle times.

Swan-Matic Project Manager Sean Parker is pleased with the addition of the C500PB to Swan-Matic’s product line. “We are seeing a growing need for hazardous location capping equipment in short run production,” says Parker. “The C500PB is ideal for capping products that are highly flammable. The new push buttons are an additional precautionary measure to ensure that the operator’s hands are kept away from the machine when in cycle.” The C500PBcomplies with OSHA standards of “control reliability.”

Swan-Matic specializes in handheld and bench-top cappers for small to mid-size production runs. A variety of handheld and bench-top cappers make up this product line along with aluminum driver shells and renewable inserts.
Swan-Matic is a division of Automation Devices Inc. specializing in a full line of tooled and un-tooled vibratory feeders and components. They are located in Fairview, Pa. They can be contacted at 814-474-5561 or viewSwan-Matic products.