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ADI Sees Increase in Projects Feeding Automotive Parts

Posted on January 12th, 2021 at 10:40 AM

Automation Devices, Inc (ADI), a vibratory feeding equipment manufacturer is seeing an influx in parts feeding applications serving the automotive industry. Car makers are ramping up production after a tumultuous 2020 amidst the COVID-19 pandemic, requiring the streamlined, efficient processes ADI vibratory equipment provides now more than ever.  As more consumers opt for car travel versus mass transit or travel via airplanes, supply must meet demand. ADI has bolstered automotive production lines for decades with the automation of parts such as rivets, molding clips, o-rings and fasteners. ADI has specialized in the feeding of small, intricate parts since 1947.

Manufacturers across the globe have a new set of obstacles as they try to keep pace with incoming orders while navigating the new challenges brought on by the pandemic, such as social distancing and compliance with other safety protocols on the production floor.  These obstacles can be lessened by implementing vibratory feeding equipment, which requires less staff to manage production lines.

ADI President Kevin Smith is pleased to see an upward trend in the automotive industry.
“We’ve seen many ebbs and flows over the years, especially with regards to automotive,” explains Smith. “We are without a doubt in a phase where people are opting for road trips. As far as manufacturing as a whole goes, I think everyone is reexamining their procedures and will result in more companies investing in capital equipment. Our equipment enables buyers to minimize long term costs while increasing efficiency and productivity by automation processes that were once complete manually,” adds Smith.

By utilizing a vibratory feeder system, automotive companies can have a small part presented in the desired orientation to meet the needs of their specific production line. Common systems include a bowl feeder, elevator hopper and an inline feeder. “Our product work in conjunction with our customer’s equipment such as robots and pick-and-place machines, offering greater versatility and flexibility.”

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