Air Operated Sensor and Switch

What is an Air Part Sensing Device?

Low-Cost, Medium Speed, Non-Contact Detection. The Jet-Tron Detector (Model 8900) is a low-cost, air-operated control unit that detects any solid object without physically contacting it. It can detect any material which is capable of interrupting a small low-pressure stream of air. Any solid object which interrupts the air stream will cause a change in air pressure on the diaphragm. This, in turn, changes the state of the contacts of an internal micro switch.

8902 Jet Tron air sensing device

8902 Jet-Tron


8900 air sensing device kit

Entire kit, part number 8900, featuring flow
control valve, sensor, fittings and air lines.


The reaction time of the air operated Jet-Tron Detector is slower than electronic detection devices; however, it is more than adequate for such applications as parts feeding, broken tool detection, on/off control of conveyors and auxiliary processing equipment, and most limit switching.

The Jet-Tron is ideal for detecting glass and other transparent or translucent materials which are not efficiently sensed by some types of electronic detectors.



Specifications, Applications, and Options

Model 8900 Specifications and Dimensions

8900 illustration

 terminal diagram
8700 air regulator dimensions



Electrical Switch
Air Supply

SPDT with Form C contacts 8 Amp resistive @ 120 Volts AC 5 Amp resistive @ 240 Volts AC Requires a clean air supply of 40 to 120 PSI Diaphragm actuating pressure is adjustable from 0.2 to 2.5 PSI Regulator fitting is 1/4 NPT

Maximum distance between probes is

3 inches

*Shipping Weight: 2 pounds


Jet-Tron Air Sensor Components

Model Number Description Comments


Full Assembly Jet-Tron Air Flow detector, complete with Model 8700 air regulator, two 2-foot lengths of plastic tubing, and two reducing orifices.


Air Flow Detector Air flow switch ONLY - NO regulator, tubing, or fittings.


Air Regulator Available separately. Output range is adjustable from 0 to 100 PSI.


Pressure Gauge Mounts in the 1/8 NPT tapped hole in the regulator. Scale range is from 0 to 160 PSI.


Regulator Bracket Complete with a nut to secure the bracket to the regulator housing.


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