Proper Vibratory Feeder Bowl Capacity

  • Feed rates can be affected by the weight of a part. Products identical to each other with the exception of weight, often feed at different speeds. Make sure varying feed rates are accounted for when changing the weight of the product.

  • As the bowl empties, the feeder's amplitude of vibration will sometimes increase. This may cause decreased feed rates due to too high of amplitude.

  • In addition to the weight factor, a capacity overload can change the ability of parts to separate and feed in the proper attitude

Optimum part levels can be regulated by installing an automatic storage hopper with a level control switch. The level control switch senses the need for parts in the bowl. The vibratory feeder bowl does not get overloaded, but it is never without parts.

Correct vibratory feeder bowl capacity

Incorrect vibratory feeder bowl capacity


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