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ADI Offers Efficient, Affordable Vibratory Feeding Solutions

Posted on May 10th, 2021 at 9:59 AM

Automation Devices, Inc. (ADI), a vibratory feeder manufacturer in Fairview, PA is seeing change in the manufacturing sector as industries recover and evolve from the effects of the COVID-19 pandemic. The shortage of materials is imposing a struggle for companies to meet customer demand, creating longer lead times. As a result, ADI customers are looking for alternative options to customized vibratory bowl feeding equipment that can be obtained quickly.  Cast aluminum equipment often fits those requirements due to several contributing factors. ADI offers five advantages of cast aluminum vibratory feeder bowls.

  1. Lower Cost Alternative vs. Stainless Steel

Cast aluminum equipment is a fraction of the cost versus stainless steel, providing a substantial cost savings for customers without sacrificing quality or dependability of the product.

  1. Infinite Selections and Combinations

ADI offers over 160 cast aluminum designs and 500 patterns – all in stock. Bowls can accommodate multiple tracks and various styles of tracks, with bowls ranging in diameter of 3” up to 42”. All bowls are available in clockwise or counterclockwise rotation. Additionally, several bowl coatings are available for further protection of the bowl and/or parts.

  1. Exclusive to ADI

ADI has been producing cast bowls for over 70 years and has perfected the manufacturing process. Cast aluminum bowls are not offered by other vibratory feeder bowl companies and is a tremendous advantage for ADI customers.

  1. In Stock Inventory Insuring Quick Deliveries

Our company has spent countless hours producing castings so that our inventory is fully stocked and readily available to our customers. ADI’s cast aluminum feeding equipment is supplied in days versus weeks or months over custom designed equipment.


  1. Superior Quality and Outstanding Customer Service

ADI has served as the industry leader in parts handling equipment for over 70 years. Our longevity and customer loyalty speaks volumes to our quality workmanship and dependability.

Automation Devices is a vibratory feeder manufacturer located in Fairview, PA. For more information on cast aluminum vibratory feeding equipment and other product offerings, please call 814-474-5561 or visit