How to Determine if a Product Can be Fed

Length and Width
7 inches by 2 inches is about the maximum size of a part that can be fed. Longer parts with smaller widths can be fed.

Thickness and Shape
A product that is completely symmetrical (all sides equal) can be difficult to feed. A product is generally able to be oriented as long as the product features one side that is not the same as the others or has a distinguishable feature that tooling can discriminate.

Material Weight and Density
Look for any outstanding feature which may serve as a guide for orientation. Examples include angles, grooves, flanges, bosses, projecting pins, and concave or convex surfaces. Density differences can also be taken advantage by using a 'tip-off' method or manipulating the product's center of gravity.

These features determine the natural feeding pattern of the part. Make the design of the part work for you when developing the feeder tooling.


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