Fork Rhino Tips

Do you have questions about your Fork Rhino or simply want to learn more about the product and its versatility?
Read our Fork Rhino tips and be sure to check back often for new additions.


Tip #1: Drop-Hitch Inserts

Use drop-hitch inserts to pick up trailers with very low tongues or flip the insert over and re-mount the ball for trailer tongues that need lots of clearance underneath.


Tip #2: For Use with Dual Axle Trailers

Using the Fork Rhino, lift the first axle and tire off the ground for tight pivot turns to eliminate dragging tires.




Tip #3: Using a Standard 1 7/8" Ball

A standard 1 7/8" ball used with either "The Original" Rhino or the Rhino Receiver will universally work for all the trailer couplers, including pintle hitches as long as there is sufficient tongue weight and flat grade.




Tip #4: Fork Rhino Alignment

The Fork Rhino can be used to present a trailer within inches of your truck hitch to reduce alignment frustration.


Tip #5: Fork Rhino Visibility

Visibility and situational awareness while positioning trailers are increased while using a forklift and Rhino.





Tip #6: Size and Storage

The Fork Rhino is easy to store and carry - only 52 pounds (shipping weight).






Tip #7: Using the Fork Rhino in Close Quarters

In tight maneuvering situations, it is easy to set the trailer tongue down and re-position the forklift for another lift.




Tip #8: On Construction Sites

On construction sites, use the Fork Rhino on skid steer forks to pull trailers through off-road or muddy areas.


 Drop-Hitch Inserts


Fork Rhino Use With Dual Axle Trailers


Using a standard 1 7/8


Fork Rhino Alignment


Fork rhino visibility


Fork rhino size and weight


Fork Rhino


Fork rhino usage on construction sites



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