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Importance of Using a Proper Feeder Table Stand in your Vibratory Feeder System

Posted on January 5th, 2022 at 11:20 AM

Importance of Using a Proper Feeder Table Stand in your Vibratory Feeder System

There are a variety of components involved when assembling your vibratory feeder system but there is one foundational part that is often overlooked. Surprisingly, this is the table/stand that is the base for the entire system. If the table is not constructed with the proper materials and engineered to withstand the daily stress generated by the vibratory components then your system will at the very least, underperform, or in the worst-case scenario, totally fail.

Here are some important things to look for in evaluating feeder table construction:

- Top plate should be 1” thick steel

- Structure comprised of 3” square steel tubing

- Fully welded and gusseted

- Table should include leveling feet with rubber bottom pads

 The goal is to make the table as strong and heavy as possible to help the feeder run at peak efficiency. To determine if your table is strong enough do an A/B test. Run the feeder on the table and then run it on the floor and see where it performs better. If it runs better on the floor, your table is not strong or heavy enough.

 Tables constructed with inferior materials could realize short term cost savings but will ultimately cause problems with your parts feeding system. If the table is constructed from 80/20 aluminum, wood or angle iron, then it will not be strong or rigid enough. An aluminum top plate has a different harmonic than steel and may vibrate too much while the system is in operation. Improper construction will direct the energy down and into the table and not up and into the bowl. Lesser materials may be good enough for a static project but not one under the demands of vibration.

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