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Advantages of an Untooled Stainless Bowl

Posted on December 13th, 2021 at 10:23 AM

Fabricated stainless tooled vibratory bowls account for nearly 80% of the tooled bowls produced at our facility but if you have the capabilities you may want consider looking into an untooled bowl.
When putting together your automation system here are some reasons you may want to consider this option:

  • Can be available quicker than a custom tooled bowl (available in just a few weeks)
  • Allows you to run tests and/or experiment with prototyping of your part
  • Gives you a stainless steel bowl at a reduced price compared to a fully tooled custom bowl

Stainless Steel vibratory bowls can be fabricated in all sizes from 3'' (7.6 cm) to 36'' (91.4 cm) and assorted steel gauges. They are available in both straight wall and cascade construction.
Whether you choose ADI to tool your bowls or you tool your own, you will always receive the parts feeding industry's most expert advice and assistance.