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Vibratory Bowl Lining Services

Bowl Linings Greatly Reduce Wear and Expenses

Automation Devices is constantly evaluating new vibratory bowl lining options. Some offer noise reduction and all offer some level of bowl surface protection. Often part feed rates improve.

See the chart below for general recommendations on various linings, along with their characteristics. Linings reduce the noise emission of vibratory feeder bowls by providing a cushion between the part and the bowl, and by lessening the bowl's surface noise radiation characteristics. Surface preparation prior to coating is important for good bonding. For some linings, cleaning and roughening is adequate; on others, chemical preparation or priming is required.

Polyurethane linings have exceptional dampening properties. They provide a cushion between the parts in the bowl and the bowl itself (the primary source of feeder noise). Also, polyurethane substantially reduces noise radiation from the bowl interior and exterior surfaces (the secondary major noise emission source). In addition to these features, polyurethane has proven itself to be highly resistant to abrasion.

Line-X® demonstrates excellent wear properties in abrasive applications such as large screw and stud applications and powdered metal products among many others.

ADI can re-line your feeder with quick turnaround times. We strive to reduce production line downtime as well increase the durability of your feeding equipment. Other linings are availble including teflon, carbide tungsten, absythe, Surlyn and polyester.

Custom coatings and paints available for all equipment.

Line-X® lined cast aluminum vibratory bowl

Line-X® lined cast aluminum vibratory bowl

Polyurethane lined multipurpose tooled vibratory bowl

Polyurethane lined multipurpose tooled vibratory bowl.

Poly Armor® lined vibratory bowl

Poly Armor® lined vibratory bowl.

Stainless steel vibratory bowl lined with Brushlon

Stainless steel vibratory bowl lined with Brushlon™.

Surlyn Lined Bowl

Surlyn® lined vibratory feeder bowl.

Abcite® Lined Bowl

Abcite® lined vibratory feeder bowl.

Feeder Bowl Lining Reference Table

 Resistance to AbrasionNoise ReductionChemical Resistance to:Improvement on Part Feed RateFDA Approved
Mineral OilWeak AcidAlkalies
Poly Armor®GoodExcellentGoodFairFairExcellentNo
Surlyn® WhiteExcellentExcellentGoodPoorGoodExcellentYes
Abcite® BlackGoodExcellentGoodFairFairExcellentNo

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