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Vibratory Feeding Advantageous For Industry

Posted on January 7th, 2013 at 9:42 AM

Erie, Pa. – Vibratory feeding is a common mechanism used among a multitude of industries, but most people aren’t quite sure of what a vibratory feeder is or how it operates. Automation Devices, Inc., a vibratory feeder manufacturer in Fairview, Pa. has been a leader in the vibratory feeding industry for nearly 70 years and is highly qualified to clear up common misconceptions.

Vibratory bowl feeders, sometimes referred to as parts feeding systems, are designed to feed parts individually in automated assembly environments. The main component of the system is the feeder bowl, usually made of stainless steel or cast aluminum, which contains a spiral track or helix, inside the bowl. The parts in the bowl are delivered from the bottom up the track into the top of the feeder as the bowl vibrates. These tracks extend out of the bowl and are custom designed for the specific needs of each application.
At this point in the feeding process, the parts have been manipulated to be in the proper position to be received by a robotic arm, a pick and place system, an assembly station or another secondary operation to continue the production process.

Typical systems also include a hopper to hold and release parts into the bowl, an amplitude controller to control the amplitude of vibration and a base unit to mount and vibrate the bowl.

Vibratory feeders can fit the needs of many different customers in many different industries. “We provide parts feeding solutions for customers in many different industries including, automotive, aerospace, ammunition, food packaging and pharmaceutical industries,” explains ADI President Kevin Smith.
“There are many benefits to using a vibratory feeding system,” says Smith. “With a parts feeding system fromADI, a customer is abolishing a manual assembly process, often eliminating the need for an operator, while ultimately increasing efficiency by saving production time and lowering costs.”

“In some instances, parts in a vibratory feeder bowl can be fed at a rate as high as 200 per minute. A production worker can’t compete with that level of speed and precision.”

Automation Devices Inc. produces a full line of vibratory feeders and components. They are located in Fairview, Pa. They can be contacted at 814-474-5561.