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NEW PRODUCT: Multi-Unit Controllers!!

Posted on November 14th, 2005 at 11:34 AM

Automation Devices vibraotry feeder controller line now includes single, double and triple unit controllers. Multi unit vibratory feeder controllers eliminate the need to purchase several controllers and greatly reduces wiring time.


The Controllers offer:
Decreased costs
Reduced wiring time
Optional Integrated Sensor Inputs
Reduced space consumption

UL Listed in US and Canada.
Maximum Output Adjustment
Soft Start Adjustment
Hopper/Bowl Interlock
120Volt AC or 240Volt input power
Line Voltage Variation Compensation
Accepts PNP and NPN 3-Wire Sensors (12VDC) (Optional)
4-20mA remote speed control of vibratory base unit
Switch Selectable AC/DC Operation
Visit the Controllers section to learn more and request pricing