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Keeping Up with Feeding Fever: 6 Tips to Ensure Your Feeding Project Is on Time

Posted on February 9th, 2015 at 2:46 PM

Automation Devices, Inc. (ADI), a vibratory feeder and part system components manufacturer has seen an increase in vibratory feeding projects. With an overall improvement in the economy and more companies taking an active stance on reshoring, ADI is seeing growth in many sectors causing a viable need for vibratory feeding equipment. ADI recognizes the importance of receiving equipment as quickly and as efficiently as possible and offers several suggestions to ensure feeding equipment is delivered in a smooth and timely fashion.

1. Submit Purchase Order Promptly
Vibratory feeding projects cannot be submitted to our shop floor without a proper purchase order, therefore cannot be started. Verbal agreements do not have the same merit and cannot act as a substitution.

2. Supply ADI with Sufficient Sample Parts and Drawings
Often several hundred or even thousands of sample parts are required to ensure that feeder bowls are running properly and reaching the required feed rate. Drawings are also required to ensure thatADI equipment works in unison with a customer’s existing configuration. If parts and drawings are not available, work on the project will come to halt. Additional parts to be fed in a single bowl causes exponential fabrication and check-out time. Minimizing the number of feedable parts in a single bowl can speed the build and also increase the reliability of the system.

3. Adhere to Payment Terms
Vibratory feeding projects have to be paused when payments are not made on time, ultimately pushing out the delivery date.

4. Keep in Contact with ADI
Often timesADI applications engineers have questions pertaining to the parts they are feeding. It is important to maintain an open dialogue so that work can progress on schedule.

5. Avoid changes
Sometimes changes are inevitable, but it is always a good idea to make sure that product drawings are finalized prior to submission toADI. Making changes once a project is started can be costly and cause delays.

6. Schedule Inspection Promptly
Final inspection is necessary before any vibratory feeding system is shipped. Making arrangements with your applications engineer can assure a smooth check out process.

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