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Automation Devices Upgrades Orienting Rolls

Posted on July 16th, 2013 at 9:27 AM

Automation Devices, Inc. (ADI) has just released an updated version of their orienting rolls, product number 7700F. Orienting rolls, or orienting rollers, are used in conjunction with vibratory feeding systems to effectively orient and convey tapered or hanging parts in a quiet and gentle non-vibratory manner. The new design exceeds the previous model by improving the bearings and creating an overall more efficient system.

Orienting rolls are driven from a variable speed motor by way of an O-ring or cog type belt. The belt rides over pulleys, causing one roller to rotate clockwise and the other counterclockwise. This action breaks the friction between the parts and the rollers. The rollers are set at a slight angle so the parts flow downward and away from the point where they are dropped onto the rollers. Increased spacing between parts is often achieved, lending itself to other applications where parts are inspected or gauged.

ADI Project Designer, Dallas Holmes is happy with this product transition. “Our orienting rolls have now been designed to utilize the NSK™ self-aligning bearings. These are top quality bearings which gives our orienting rolls up to 7 degrees of adjustment on each roller,” explains Holmes. For example, on an 18 inch set of orienting rolls, the distance between the rolls could vary up to 3 inches from one end to the other without binding any of the support plates or bearings. This change will dramatically extend the life of the bearings, motors and belts. It will also allow the system to run at a cooler temperature with nearly silent operation. Energy consumption is also reduced because of less parasitic drag.
Orienting rollers are available in 18”, 24”, 36” and 48” lengths. Each roller is precision ground and hard chrome plated. Optional coatings can be applied for special applications such as handling food or pharmaceutical items. Abrasion-resistant coatings may also be applied to the rollers.ADI maintains orienting rolls as in stock items for fast delivery. Automation Devices Inc. produces a full line of tooled and untooled vibratory feeders and components including inline feeders, custom made tracks, level control switches, hoppers and inline feeders. They are located in Fairview, Pa just outside of Erie. They can be contacted at 814-474-5561 or view ADI products and services at